Unusually for Thai chef’s I enjoy creating new and exciting desserts – fusing some of the UK’s favourite dishes with Thai and Asian traditions, and ingredients, and honing my skills for ‘pulling sugar’ and shaping chocolate and fruit carvings…

Wheat Free… Where possible I use traditional rice flour, which has no or low gluten, so can be enjoyed by those with a wheat allergy or intolerance including some coeliacs – let us know if you have allergies when ordering. Save space for my daily desserts specials.

Save space for my daily desserts specials. Each dessert is created daily & prepared to order (price from £5.95). Ask about our daily specials, as well as our decadent desserts ‘Fit for the King’
We hope you enjoy your meal as much as we enjoy creating it.

- Head Chef. Suree, Simon & Team

Artistry on a plate

Using carved fruits, spun sugar or decorative chocolate, Chef Suree Coates makes delicious desserts so beautiful, it’s almost a shame to eat them.

With the imagination and skill of an artist working with clay or paint, Suree Coates’ sweet and savoury dishes are beyond well presented, they are worthy of the status of masterpiece and are always a talking point at the dinner table.

The King & Thai DessertsHer presentation skills also began with an interest in traditional Thai carving of fruit and vegetables, though her talents in sugarcraft and chocolate decorating were more recently picked up in England and are self-taught.

“My father-in-law bought me a book full of exquisite desserts from around the world. I became fascinated with the creativity of sugarcraft, pastry and chocolate shavings, and researched more on the internet and bought more books and magazines,” she says. “I am so content when I’m creating. It is something that is in me and that I love to find time to do”

The King & Thai chef admits that it is often a struggle to find time to create her intricate sugarwork between serving diners at the popular Broseley restaurant but she is always willing to make the effort.

“All you need is determination. If you want to do something you find the time. I will often start working on pieces at midnight and I’m still there at 3am, then back to it again at 7.30 in the morning. When you enjoy what you’re doing you can’t help it. I can’t sleep when I have an idea in my head,” she explains.

Suree’s culinary skills and dexterity are giving her a something of a celebrity status in the county. She has recently demonstrated her art of cooking and presenting Thai food at the Taste kitchen at Shropshire Enterprise Centre, Battlefield, Shrewsbury, and will soon be launching cookery courses.

The King & Thai Desserts

She created stunning carvings, turning fruit and vegetables into exquisite flowers. She has also appeared alongside the Hairy Bikers at Shrewsbury Flower Show, demonstrating her culinary flower-carving skills. However, ‘celebrity’ is a label that the modest chef is uncomfortable with, preferring time in the kitchen to on the stage.

“I realise it’s important to go out and share my skills with people and promote the business but what I really love doing is experimenting in my kitchen. I don’t consider myself an artist and I’m still always learning.

It is challenging and takes a lot of my time but I just love the outcome. “My reward is when the meals arrive at the table and everybody stops and says ‘Wow!’ Some customers even take photographs. As long as it’s of my food and not of me then I’m very happy.”