The King and Thai at The Forester Arms, Broseley

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Relax in the King and Thai Restaurant, beautifully decorated, soft furnishings, neutral decor, and lots of corners to sit, relax and enjoy Suree’s incredible freshly prepared cuisine.

Warm welcoming smiles great you in the bar, serving premium lagers, and a good range of wines by the glass, as well as cocktails. Peruse the extensive menus including Chef Suree’s daily specials and Friday fish specials.

We suggest you book early, as Suree and Simon visit the Birmingham fish market every Thursday morning at 4am to select the freshest fish, which help create some of the best fish dishes in the region – when they are gone, they are gone!

Also specialising in local meat specials, and traditional dishes, with many vegetarian and gluten free! Thai food is fresh, healthy and light, so you can dine with us, without the guilt (until dessert time). Always save space for one of Suree’s incredible home-made desserts – seeing is believing.


All our meats are sourced locally where possible from our local butcher Simon Gibbons in Broseley, who also prides himself in supporting local farmers and hangs his meats for min 21 days for extra flavour.

Our beef is always fillets and sirloin, and much of our pork and chicken is free range where possible, and our eggs are from woodland free range chickens, who are happy to lay for us daily!

Authentic Thai ingredients

Our fresh spices and herbs are also sourced from our long serving suppliers in Thailand and UK specialists, thus ensuring the freshness and authenticity of supply and retaining the delicate flavours enjoyed in true Thai cooking.

Thai food is very healthy

Due to the freshness of the ingredients, carefully prepared on the day, and the quick methods of cooking on hot open flames. The use of fresh herbs and spices also means that the flavours are infused into the meats, giving greater depth of flavour.

We do not use any artificial ingredients like MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) additives or ‘E’ Numbers ALL our rich colours & flavours are naturally produced by our team, and carefully selected ingredients ~ so great for the family too.

Good things come to those….

Despite the quick preparation of many of our dishes, we ask you to be patient as for larger parties as we need to ensure that no dishes are ‘sitting around’ or kept warm, so larger orders may take a little longer.

Why not try one of our sharing platters to start, and feel free to ask us about anything you perhaps don’t understand or wish to try, ‘off’ the menu.